Scenario Planning

Seeing a long-term vision in focus

The Uncertainty Paradox states that the only certainty is uncertainty. No one can predict the future but your organisation can prepare for multiple futures. I help risk professionals ensure their executive is never caught like a deer stuck in the headlights.

Great scenario planning :

Great scenario planning :

  • Prepares leaders for multiple futures
  • Forces thinking beyond the norm
  • Results in one flexible strategy that provides for 80% of future scenarios

No matter your industry, mining, renewable energy, health, emergency services or a policy making government agency, I can help you imagine, describe and focus on future disruptive opportunities and risks.

Without the lateral thinking and creative writing of scenarios, the inherent bias that resides deep in our brains will prevail. The team will build on what they know rather than what they can be led to imagine.

I love working with teams that understand the world is changing, that the next disruption is just over the horizon and that they can own the future opportunities it presents.

Scenario planning for me is about placing long-term, incredible to imagine scenarios into a funnel. Aligning one strategy towards the majority of them, adding in new scenarios every year and moving the other scenarios through the funnel That is, the scenarios are moved through the funnel by asking the question “Was this assumption right or wrong?” If for one particular scenario you are answering “wrong” often enough, the scenario exits the funnel to be replaced by a new scenario. It is important to orientate your strategy to cater for as many scenarios as possible or the most likely ones. Having a flexible strategy is critical and even more critical is knowing when to re-orientate it.


  • Bryan has helped us design training courses that are well researched and practical. He has also delivered training for us and his dynamic, vibrant style ensured our staff were well engaged which produced excellent results.

    David Moore, A/g Group Manager, Business Effectiveness (Austrade Canberra)
  • First Title engaged Bryan Whitefield Consulting to assist in reviewing its Risk Management Framework. This review entailed the important task of facilitation of Risk Management workshops with each division; identification of Risk Champions in each division; the identification and assessment of risk and the development of the risk culture within the organisation. We found BWC’s experience and exposure to various risk environments to be of great assistance in achieving our objectives in our review.

    Chris Tyler, CEO, First Title
  • Bryan facilitated a workshop for our executive team in order to make Risk Management an integral, business as usual activity, as opposed to a standalone activity which is only considered at certain times. Bryan was able to portray Risk, and Risk Management in a number of different ways, which sparked a number of interesting discussions, and resulted in us identifying a number of initiatives which will assist in the our goal of integrating Risk Management into day to day business activities.

    Robert Ferris, General Manager, Electrix Ltd