Risk Champions

Build your tribe of advocates

Ultimately you and your team of support function experts need advocates within the business units you serve. You need advocates who understand the importance of what you do, how you do it and, most importantly, why you do it. My Risk Champions Workshop will help support your risk team to shift the department from being seen as the department of NO to the department of GROW.

A great risk community of practice

By building a tribe of advocates that preach your mantra you will have a tribe that is:

  • Compelled to collaborate.
  • Challenged to design systems that work.
  • Equipped to drive faster, better decision making.

Business partnerships, when it comes to corporate service functions like risk and compliance, are highly important because these functions are a bit like insurance companies. You’re a grudge purchase. People only want to see you when they have to, hence it’s hard to have the full impact on the organisation that you know you can make.

The solution is to carefully select a team that you can turn into a tribe of advocates, backing you when you are not there. By doing this you’ve moulded your “sphere of influence” to become “pear shaped”. Tapered and focused on senior management at the top and very broad and juicy across the base.

If you are under-resourced or under-appreciated and under-utilised by the business, work with me to build your tribe of advocates so you and your team can have the impact you know you can make.

Ultimately you and your team of support function experts need advocates within the business departments you serve. Advocates will be your persuaders of the leadership within departments you wish to influence. Instead of fighting recalcitrants you will be working in partnership with the business. It’s like the difference between working with kids who hate school and those that have come to learn.


  • Bryan has helped us design training courses that are well researched and practical. He has also delivered training for us and his dynamic, vibrant style ensured our staff were well engaged which produced excellent results.

    David Moore, A/g Group Manager, Business Effectiveness (Austrade Canberra)
  • First Title engaged Bryan Whitefield Consulting to assist in reviewing its Risk Management Framework. This review entailed the important task of facilitation of Risk Management workshops with each division; identification of Risk Champions in each division; the identification and assessment of risk and the development of the risk culture within the organisation. We found BWC’s experience and exposure to various risk environments to be of great assistance in achieving our objectives in our review.

    Chris Tyler, CEO, First Title