Prophesying from my armchair – The top internal issues organisations will face in 2018

I know it’s a bit early for end of year predictions, however, someone asked me what I thought so I figured I’d better not keep it a secret between just him and me.


Specifically, the massive shift towards subscription/cloud based applications which brings with it plenty of opportunity and plenty of risk. The more that goes into the cloud, the smaller your IT department becomes and the less expertise you have to choose the right product to get your expected outcomes. Not to mention the cyber risk issues–it will be no surprise when the next embarrassing breach occurs. And boy, don’t those little monthly subscriptions add up!


The level of embarrassment in organisations that have a heap of data and are doing little with it is increasing. More embarrassment will follow with hard questions being asked by boards and executive teams when those charged with turning this around struggle because they lack the skills to understand data and how to use it to provide insight and early warning signals. And what about those board members who want “summary in detail” but refuse to use technology for board reporting?


Not just culture, but the culture of greed. I am assuming here that the economy will continue to grow reasonably well. The longer between ethical exposés and the easier it becomes to make a buck; the faster organisations seek growth and the more short cuts taken; the more blind eyes will be turned and the bigger the organisational bubble of indefatigable hubris will become.