Bryan’s Blogs: From Blog to Book Years of Insights on Making Risk Stick


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Are you tired of being overwhelmed by uncertainty and find it challenging to navigate the intricate landscape of risk management? Harness the full potential of risk management with Bryan Whitefield’s latest book: ‘Bryan’s Blog Book: From Blog to Book – Years of Insights on Making Risk Stick’.

As a trusted risk management consultant with over two decades of experience, Bryan shares his expertise and practical wisdom in this captivating collection of weekly blogs.

Whether you’re a seasoned risk professional or a business leader, this invaluable resource offers actionable advice, real-world case studies, and thought-provoking conversations to help you navigate uncertainty with confidence. Discover the transformative potential of risk management and make informed decisions that drive success.


Book Reviews

Bryan consistently offers insightful and practical perspectives on a variety of evolving and demanding risk management issues. This book effectively exemplifies these qualities, making it a highly valuable resource for risk managers across all organisational settings.

Pat Barrett, Distinguished Honorary Professor & Senior Fellow – ANCAAR Research School of Accounting, ANU Auditor-General of Australia 1995-2005

As the CEO of the RMIA, I am constantly seeking valuable resources to enhance the knowledge and skills of our members, and Bryan’s blogs have proved to be an invaluable asset in this regard. Bryan can uniquely distil complex risk management concepts into actionable strategies and tangible steps. His writing style is clear, concise, and engaging, making it accessible to seasoned professionals and those new to the
field. Furthermore, I must commend Bryan for his commitment to consistency. Publishing a weekly blog year after year requires discipline, dedication, and a unique passion for sharing knowledge. Bryan has consistently delivered high-quality content, ensuring his readers have a steady stream of valuable insights to guide their risk management efforts.

Simon Levy, CEO, Risk Management Institute of Australasia (RMIA)

I have found Bryan’s blogs a great resource assisting me in my professional development. The clarity, depth, and practicality of his insights have supported me to navigate and share risk concepts with others effectively. I highly recommend Bryan’s blogs to anyone seeking a comprehensive and accessible discussion and thought on risk and risk management. Congratulations Bryan.

Andrew Booth, CRO, Cotton On Group

I am a regular reader of Bryan’s weekly blog and have found his musings on risk related topics to be insightful and thought provoking. The wide range of topics have allowed me to consider my challenges from a different perspective, often providing me with a more strategic lens through which to consider possible solutions.

David FitzGerald, Principal Risk Officer, Department of Communities WA

For all of us time poor professionals Bryan’s weekly blogs give a bite-sized morsel of risk insight with a distinctly commercial slant. Always thought provoking yet pragmatic, it’s great to now have these compiled into one handy guide.

Claudia Bels FAICD, Non-Executive Director Audit & Risk Committee Chair

I have been a reader of Bryan’s blogs for a few years now and have always found them a useful and concise reference resource. They are backed by his years of expertise working with a variety of businesses on risk management and strategy. He supports his blogs with some fantastic material, including whitepapers he has authored covering an array of topics, providing business management with practical and actionable
advice. Bryan is also a great storyteller which he uses to good effect in supporting his blog messages.

Lyall Bear, Business Advisor

Hey Bryan, just a thank you and a little feedback regarding these weekly blogs. I find them invaluable as they jog my memory of your book but also serve as a great way to cement good practice. I often find myself scrolling through past blogs before a meeting to best prepare myself and every time, I amend my delivery in some way to try to achieve a better outcome.

Stuart Dixon, Senior Risk Specialist, Telstra

Bryan – these blogs that come through are great. There is always something topical that I take back to my organisation. Thank you for continuing to produce these – fantastic work.

Daniel Dolatowski, Team Leader: Corporate Governance and Risk, City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Hi Bryan, I signed up to your blog as I recently took on a new role where I am responsible for operationalising a newly signed off RAS (the first one for a growing business), implementing new enterprise-wide risk management processes and setting it all up in a new system. Having come from a much bigger business with established frameworks and processes and a wide network for risk professionals to leverage off, I’m finding myself in need of additional resources. I’m finding your website and blog to be super helpful in accessing ERM resources as I work through some of the challenges I am encountering.

Daria Hansen, Senior Risk Manager, Financial Services Industry