The secret to success of a strategy is hard-smart work. The work your competitors won’t or simply can’t do. It allows you to tackle uncertainty head-on to set directions confidently and to design the adaptive systems required to execute at maximum speed. Once a strategic decision is made, thousands of decisions follow which ultimately determines its success, so the hard-smart work continues to continually adapt to meet every level of change.


If you’re in the Health Sector, check out this video about the opportunity for risk to provide true insight and drive change:

If you want to increase the number of correct decisions made in your organisation, your goal must be to embed the Risk Appetite deep into the DNA of the organisation – I can help you achieve this.  Read more here:


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• Civic Assurance – Conducted research into the local government insurance market globally to assist in Civic’s internal strategic review of its operations. Subsequently engaged to facilitate a strategic planning workshop for the Board and management of Civic Assurance.

Department of Health and Ageing – NSW Aged Care Branch – The Branch had identified a key risk to a major program was misalignment of the program with stakeholder objectives.  Designed a realignment project that involved stakeholder analysis workshops and the development of a new tool for assessing decisions under the program that would help improve the accuracy and consistency of decisions in line with stakeholder expectations.

Robust Resources – Facilitated a one-day strategic risk workshop for the Board and Executive of Robust Resources developing a mine in a very remote area of Indonesia.

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“Bryan facilitated a workshop for our executive team in order to make Risk Management an integral, business as usual activity, as opposed to a standalone activity which is only considered at certain times. Bryan was able to portray Risk, and Risk Management in a number of different ways, which sparked a number of interesting discussions, and resulted in us identifying a number of initiatives which will assist in the our goal of integrating Risk Management into day to day business activities.”

Robert Ferris, General Manager, Electrix Pty Ltd

“We developed a strong long-term relationship with Bryan as he helped us to accelerate our approach to managing risk. He did an excellent job helping us navigate through various options with our board and senior leadership team to develop and operationalise our risk appetite and to establish a community of practice to embed risk-based decision making.”

Kathleen Ryan, Executive Director Clinical Governance & Information Services, Mid North Coast Local Health District 

“Playgroup Victoria was very pleased to have worked with Bryan on a recent risk consultancy to review our risk management approach. Bryan has a wonderful style which makes risk management accessible for managers who may not always appreciate its importance. Our senior management team were extremely impressed with Bryan’s skill and approach to consulting with us on our risk profile. They particularly appreciated the simplicity of the corporate risk profile and framework Bryan works with. This makes embedding a risk culture mush easier when staff and managers are able to easily embrace an accessible framework.  Accessibility does not mean that Bryan’s framework and templates are not thorough and comprehensive. Bryan assisted us to get down to the basics and ensure our systems were identifying and managing risk as core business. It was a delight working with him.”

Vivienne Cunningham-Smith, CEO, Playgroup Victoria

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