A Conversation

Last week I promised you an example of my Pathfinder Model in action. I’ll do better than that, here’s a link to three examples in Chapter 8 in my book Persuasive Advising: How to Turn Red Tape into Blue Ribbon. One describes a scenario for a risk professional, another for a finance professional and another for a project management professional.

My Pathfinder Model of persuasion is always my go-to tool when the need to influence someone – or a group – presents itself, and I encourage you to give this a go the next time you find yourself in a similar situation.

Below is a reminder of the four steps to take:

Stand in their shoes – to understand their problems and how what you do will help to solve them.

Paint them a picture – to provide them with clarity around your solution.

Tell them a story – to bring your solution to life and to help them connect emotionally with you and your solution.

Make them believe – by ensuring you are entirely credible. Have the statistics, case studies and counter arguments all prepared so they are simply convinced.

I trust you will find this useful on your journey to becoming even more persuasive, and that it triggers and develops your own toolkit and intuitive skill that will lead to your success.

Stay safe and remember to practice before you preach.