Energise by Managing your VEGetables

The last few weeks I have been writing about blind spots. The personal biases we all form at the intersection of the behaviours driven by our Values, our Environment and our Genes.

Managing our blind spots and those of your team is an imperative. The diagram below provides an indication of what happens when we fail to manage our blind spots and what happens when we do.




  • If you are feeling the uncertainty and you cannot see any opportunity, things are bad for you and your team.
  • If you are feeling the uncertainty but you are super sure of the opportunity, those that follow you probably have some doubts.
  • If you are clear there is no new bright shiny opportunity but the business is sound enough, you are doing your day job and the team is likely a bit disheartened.
  • When you have complete clarity about the opportunity and how to get there you are ENERGISED and your team is FOCUSED.

Clarity of opportunity comes from doing the hard-smart work. The work your competitors can’t or are simply unwilling to do. Luck plays a part in success, hard-smart work plays a much bigger part.

More on hard-smart work next week.