Hello 2022!

Welcome back!

I trust you have had a relaxing Festive Season and are ready to take on this year. I had a fantastic break relaxing with family, enjoying nature and recharging my batteries so I’m looking forward to what 2022 brings.

I thought a great way to kickstart my year would be to reach out to my tribe and ask you exactly what you wanted and/or needed from me in the year ahead, that would enable you (and your teams) to have more impact in your world of risk, decision making, influence or all three. I’m in the process of working on some additional IP, and so tapping into your world (and needs) would guide me well to deliver blog content that is going to benefit my community.

So I’ve put together a quick survey for you, which takes 3 minutes, as I know time is money. I’d value your feedback and appreciate your efforts in sharing your thoughts with me. Here’s the link for the survey.

I’m also sharing the link to my Events page here so you’re aware of what training and webinars are on offer from me from January to April. Below is a quick overview of the courses:

Enterprise Risk Management Course: the RMIA’s flagship course I designed and host, for risk professionals who want to increase their knowledge to design, implement and operate enterprise risk programs for the successful management of risk.

Mastering Risk Workshop Facilitation: for anyone needing to learn more about tackling the online environment or simply building skill set for the future. You will be given a process for preparing for engaging workshops, shown techniques for facilitating effective conversations and be introduced to a range of tools to provide insights to the business so they can make better sense of their world.

Embedding Risk Culture: developing a process for embedding a risk culture that reflects the values of your organisation. This course will provide you with a multi-faceted approach to assessing and improving risk culture. It will also give you the ability to develop forward-looking metrics to enable you to tangibly measure and evidence positive culture change. In turn, you will shift from being seen as corporate cop to corporate builder of a strong cultural fabric. Delivering a risk intelligent workforce.

Details of all of these events, with their registration options, can be found by clicking the link to my webpage.

Thanks for reading and participating in my survey, and here’s hoping your return to work is smooth sailing for you.