Poo Poo the Poo Poo-ers

Steve, one of my clients, sent me this article from the Harvard Business Review Overcome Resistance to Change with Two Conversations. I liked the article for two reasons. One because it talks about conversations and I am nearly finished writing a new book called Winning Conversations: How to Engage (Even around Risk or Bad News)watch this space. And the second because it talks about resistors, or as I referred to them in the subject line, poo poo-ers.

The resistors got my attention because so many of us start off the New Year with high ambitions. We are going to change and we are going to make some changes around here! Then we meet the poo poo-ers. Or do we?

Right now, most people around you will be as ready for something new as they will ever be all year. Many are rested from a break, others took the quiet time at work to clear the decks. Now is the time to pounce. So get your team together, have the conversations, and get your year of purposeful, positive and productive change started.