Risk e-Views Vol 40 April 2014 – Risk Leadership: Experiential Learning is Key to Great Engagement

Last month, I provided some tips regarding improving engagement with your risk program through developing your personal skills and building a team of Risk Champions to support you. This month I want to dig a little deeper to expose a key driver to great engagement and that is experiential learning.

Because of many people’s poor perception of risk their willingness to engage is very low.  The perceptions of risk as only compliance, as a handbrake on business, is a barrier to learning. Consequently you need strong learning techniques to break down the barrier.


My tips:

  • Describe the barrier – unveil it if you wish
  • Paint a different picture of risk – paint a picture of success
  • Take them through the process – show them it works


For the last tip, showing them it works, I highly recommend you follow these 5 experiential learning steps:


  1. Break your participants into groups
  2. Use live examples such as a current project
  3. Ask them to apply the risk tools and templates you have provided them
  4. Guide them through the process with your expert facilitation
  5. Help them to implement their learnings back in the workplace


If you want to explore this method or you would like some help, please book a time slot for a free 15 or 30-minute one-on-one teleshare (a telecon with screen sharing) so we can run through your options. Please call me on  +61 2 9400 9702.