Develop disruptive capability

You want to be the best in your industry. The leader. The disrupter. Maybe you just want to think like a disrupter so you can understand the risk industry disruption poses to your organisation. No matter the reason, there is a question of capability.

You see, thinking like a disrupter is a mindset. And for traditional organisations it requires a mindset shift. To get you thinking, I recommend you watch this video or read the transcript.

                                                    Innovation is not enough

It’s a blog by my colleague Paul Broadfoot who is disruption strategy expert. In it he explains the difference between innovation and disruption. The contrast is stark.

Once you have watched the video or read the transcript check out this infographic about autonomous car connections. The message is clear, traditional organisations like the big car brands are partnering with disrupters and they are actively looking to disrupt themselves. This goes beyond innovation. They are developing approaches that include a reduction in vehicle ownership through shared ownership. They are developing mobile cinema platforms that also act as transportation. And they are developing technology that will wipe out hundreds of billions of dollars in investment in combustion engine technology. Of course, if they don’t do it someone else will.

In the finance sector with things like blockchain and a massive assault on the way we all make payments there are literally thousands of start-ups. The progressive industry players are keeping a close eye on things. They are maintaining a presence in “fintech hubs” where start-ups come together to support each other and be supported.

Bankers know how to make money. They keep a very close eye on where the money will be, and they act. What about you? Do you know what is in play in your industry? Do you have the capability to even know where to look?

Develop disruptive capability. It starts with a shift in mindset.