Santa’s Stealth

Confession: I often smile to myself when I come up with subject line for my blog. I did this time ☺

As a kid, we all understood that Santa was stealthy. The biscuits (cookies to others) left out on the plate along with a glass of sherry devoured by morning and no-one heard a thing! Man, that is stealthy. And stealth is the subject of the last question from my masterclass on “How to run an impactful risk workshop” because of this question asked by a participant:

“Is there another way to title a risk workshop so it sounds more interesting? I.e., do risk management by stealth.”

Yep. Sure is. Call it a Strategy Implementation Workshop. Because that’s what it is. A workshop to ensure successful implementation of what we decided to achieve over the period of the plan.

Short and sweet to end the year.

I truly wish you and yours a most wonderful festive season. I hope you have time to relax and enjoy. I wish you loads of laughter, and loads and loads of smiles. That you recuperate or rejuvenate, or both(!)… to come back in the New Year ready to make that impact you know you need to make!